About Elemonsters

The world consists of less than a hundred chemical elements. They make up everything we know. 
What if the elements were monsters?

In a parallel dimension on a planet called Atom World the chemical elements have come to life as monsters: the ELEMONSTERS.
Elemonsters have super-powers and can merge with each other into new monsters. One day three children fall through a dimension-gap and enter this world. They must live through many adventures there before they can go back home.

Elemonsters is a transmedia storyworld for children between 7 and 11. The concept is based upon four aspects: stories, music, knowledge & games.

  • Stories: The stories will take place in the animated series, possibly also in comics and books.
  • Music: The plan is to produce a music-video for each Elemonster, in which the monster tells about what role its element plays in our every-day-life. The style or genre of the music corresponds to the typical characteristics of the element.
  • Knowledge: This website (and maybe a mobile app) will impart scientific facts and background knowledge about the elements. Eventually it will be possible to join a community of "element detectives". Kids are encouraged to get involved by providing them with instructions for safe chemical experiments.
  • Games: There are concepts for digital games (for computers, consoles and mobile devices) as well as analog ones (card- and board games).

Elemonsters is created by Andreas Dihm produced by Story House Productions. Developed with the help of the Akademie für Kindermedien 2012, awarded with the Title Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland 2012. Elemonsters has been in development for some years now and is still a work in progress. The pilot for the series is in the making funded by medienboard.

This page will inform about current developments and introduce all the monsters.